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WhatsApp for PC Free Download (Windows 7/8/8.1/XP)

Posted by Praveen Sharma
Unless you are not living under the rocks you must have heard about Whatsapp.  This is the app that bristled the Facebook's fur and made them to go for one of the expensive but solace acquisition for $19 billion.

Whatsapp require no introduction for any Smartphone users but for those who have not touched the taste of whatsapp till now due any of the reason, we bring here the most definitive guide to download and install whatsapp for PC. So in case your Smartphone is not in your reach and you don’t want to miss the lovable chats on Whatsapp, you could easily do so while working on your PC.


I know, all of you are better Whatsapp cognizant than me, therefore I am not going to give you the extra guide about Whatsapp features, its stats or so, but I would definitely like to introduce the less known facts, the hidden features and tricks, that only few of the 500 million Whatsapp users know along with the full tutorial to successful installation of this app for your PC.

As this article is going to be bit longer than usual, I have compiled the main points that I am going to discuss in this tutorial.

Here is what you will learn:

  1. Quick overview
  2. How to download BlueStack for PC and its installation steps.
  3. How to download whatsapp for PC.
  4. Alternate way to install whatsapp if BlueStack doesn’t works for you.
  5. Common problems and troubleshoot for successful installation.
  6. Adding contacts to your whatsapp profile.
  7. Things whatsapp users might not know.

Quick overview of Whatsapp:

Let us directly give to the point overview for those who are new to this app.

WhatsApp for PC

Whatsapp is #1 Smartphone messenger available for Android and other smartphones (almost all). You can easily send and receive messages, pictures, audio, and video messages for free. The best part is there is no ads for you chat destruction. Now whatsapp is Facebook property, so you can imagine the authority and branding associated with it and you can check the number of reviews and rating and tremendous popularity of this app on Googleplay store.

  • No hidden cost (even for international chats), group chat, attractive interface and one of the most important thing each and every friend of yours would definitely have Whatsapp installed on their Smartphone which makes this app distinguish from other apps.
  • Although it is not officially yet confirmed but whatsapp is going to introduce the free calling feature soon according to some news sites.

How to download BlueStack for PC and its installation steps:

Now coming to our main topic, here we are going to make use of an android emulator to install whatsapp for PC. For that we will be using BlueStack which is widely popular and easy to install. Therefore before installing the whatsapp you need to install BlueStack on your PC.

Here are steps to install and download BlueStack for PC:

  • Visit the official website of BlueStack here and click on the download button to start your downloading.
  • Now just click on the exe file that you just have downloaded and click install.
WhatsApp for PC Download steps

  • The screen as shown will be pop up. Just wait for the completion and once completed check the BlueStack icon on your desktop.
WhatsApp download for pc-2

  • This all steps remains same for all windows version including windows 7/8/8.1 and XP.

How to download whatsapp for PC:

As you have succefuly installed the BlueStack on your PC, now you are just two more steps ahead from installing the whatsapp on your PC.
  • Click on the desktop icon to launch this emulator.
  • Now look for the option to search box. As shown in screenshot type “whatsapp” in this box.
WhatsApp for PC initilization

  • Now in the suggestion click on the first option to i.e. “whatsapp”
  • Clicking it will automatically download and install it for your PC.
WhatsApp for PC launching

  • Now whenever you want to access the app you just need to go to BlueStack>>My Apps>> whatsapp to access it.

Alternate way to install Whatsapp:

In case you find any difficulty while installing the BlueStack or you might be facing the compatibility issue then firstly I would recommend you to look through troubleshoot guide which I have explained below.

If that doesn’t helps than you can use the alternate android emulator. For this Andyroid is the best option available. This works exactly same as that of BlueStack. All the steps for downloading and installing this emulator is quite similar to those as above so I am not going to explain it in details.

Andyroid for pc

  • To get this emulator just download the Andyroid from the official site here and by following the on-screen instruction you can easily install it on your PC.

Common problems and troubleshoot for successful installation:

Software (BlueStack not installing): 

This is the common problem for those who are using windows 8/8.1 .You may get error like “You need to install .Net 3.5/2.5 to install this app”. So don’t try to install these frameworks because you already had .net 4.5 installed in windows 8. This error is occurring because your BlueStack version is old or you might have taken it from you friend. So the solution for this problem is to download latest version of BlueStack from official site.

Whatsapp hanging or lagging:

For this error you just need to make sure that you have latest and upgraded version of your graphics drivers installed on your PC. Also you may need direct X 11 for optimal performance.

App not found:

Many people also face this problem when they search for whatsapp in the search box they found nothing. For this you can look for most popular category of app in the BlueStack and look for whatsapp. 
  • Alternatively you can download the apk version of whatsapp from any other third party site except Google play and directly install it in your computer which will install it in BlueStack.

If you are facing any other problem ask freely in the comments below.

Adding contacts to your whatsapp profile:

 Configuration for the first time is simple and you just need to enter your mobile number to activate the app.
Adding contacts in whatsapp is not difficult. 

  • For this go to settings of BlueStack and click on Manage Contacts.
  • Now you can create contact by clicking on the “create new contact” in the menu.
  • You just need to enter the details of the person then.

You can also synchronize your app with Google play store by “cloud connect” option and then synchronize your contact list form there.

Things whatsapp users might not know:

As you have already installed the whatsapp for your PC, now it’s time to learn some tricks which makes it easier for you to take the joy of this app.

Hide last seen: Recently added this option is useful to hide your activity from parents and chat unlimited with your friends. For this go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Last Seen.

Create a Fake Whatsapp Conversation: You can create fake whatsapp conversation easily by using an app called WhatSaid android app. You can download the appfrom this link.

Hide Your Profile Picture: your privacy is your first priority, so to hide your profile picture just follow these steps. Go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Profile Photo. You can choose either of the option from Everyone, My Contacts and Nobody.

Download Friend's Whatsapp Profile Picture: This trick allow you to download your friends profile picture to your phone or PC. For this you just need to go to your SD Card > Whatsapp > Profile Pictures.

Change Phone number in whatsapp: If you want to update your phone number in whatsapp just head to Settings > Account > Change Number.


So here comes the end of this tutorial. I hope this guide to download whatsapp for PC worked for you and you enjoyed it. Please feel free to share your experience in the comments below. For those who are facing troubles I recommend to look the troubleshoot section above. If that doesn’t help then you are free to ask any query in the comments below.

Also don’t forget to share this tutorial with those of your friends who are not connected with you just because they don’t have the Smartphone or whatsapp. You can do so by easily clicking the share icon below. For more tutorial stay updated with us on different social media.


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