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Temple Run 2 for PC free Download (Windows 8|7|xp|MAC)

Posted by Prateek Bansal
Temple Run 2 is the successive version of most popular, addictive and one of the earliest game on android and IOS.This game is one of the game for elated running, jumping, turning and sliding experience on your. You can easily predict the popularity of this game by looking at its download stats, as the game and its predecessor have been downloaded over 1 billion times on Google play Store.

Now Temple Run 2 is also available to download for (PC8/7/xp) as well. If you haven’t played the game or to enjoy the game on your PC, we will show you to easily download Temple Run 2 for PC in this guide. But before that we will show you the quick stats and features which will take your excitement to next level.

Temple Run 2 for PC

Temple Run 2 Game:

Temple Run 2 developed by Imangi Studios, was mainly produced to enhance the gameplay quality by introducing new obstacles, fires, waterfall, new powers, sharpen tracks and ability to select new tracks. Temple Run 2 though being very addictive is very simple to play and run smoothly over all devices without any difficulty. With over 170 million downloads on Play store alone, the experience of this game is even more aesthetic on PC.

In this game, player need to run on a never ending track, from giant barbarian monkey while stealing all the gold coins, gems and points along the way.Although this sounds pretty simple, but player need to overcome many obstacles like zip line, waterfall, jet of fire and more exciting challenges.

Although ride of mine cart vehicle can help you to cover some distance when you find it difficult ahead, but all the way you would experience adventurous journey through different roads, jungles, railway tracks, ropes, sky and rivers.

Temple Run 2 for PC

Temple Run 2 for PC key feature:

  • Temple Run 2 has even better graphics quality with organic environments as compared to its predecessors.
  • The game provides you with completely new set obstacles, power ups and achievements with customized powers up for the individual character.
  • Now even bigger monkey will make your task somewhat difficult as you used to do on previous games.
  • Choose from different characters to play from Scarlett Fox, Francisco Montoya, Zack Wonder and much more.
  • To play with different characters you need to unlock them before you play using them by spending your hard earned coins.
  • Better graphics and sound quality with smother experience.

How to Download Temple Run 2 for PC (Windows 8|7|xp|MAC):

To install and download temple Run 2 for your PC, we are going to make use of Bluestack emulator which will install and run game perfectly and smoothly on Cohere is the complete steps by step guide to Download Temple Run 2 for PC.

  • Our first step is to download BlueStack from here
  • Finish the installation process by following on- screen instruction and also make sure to reboot your computer after that.
  • By clicking the icon will launch the app. Just head to search button and search for “Temple Run 2” in the box. Alternatively you can also download the apk and manually install it in BlueStack.
  • Click on the install button which will automatically complete the downloading and installing process.
  • After full installation go to “My App” tab in BlueStack and launch the app to start playing and enjoying the game.
You can also learn:

Note: For better graphics and lagging free experience I recommend you to use DirectX and enable your graphics.

Now you can enjoy one of the most addictive and played game on your PC without any trouble. This game works properly on all windows version including windows/8/7/xp/MAC without any extra effort. You can start collecting points and beat the highest score of your friends.
We hope this guide to download Temple Run 2 works for you and in case you get any trouble while installing or downloading the game, you are free to ask in the comments below.


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