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Download Hay Day PC free (Windows 7/8/xp/Mac)

Posted by Prateek Bansal

If you are one of the farming game lovers, then “Hay Day” is at #1 position whenever you search for it. Today we are here with one of the most popular game Hay Day for PC users which is available for almost all the windows including windows 7/8/XP. I remember those days when I used to play Farm game on FaceBook for whole of the day. If you are Android or IOS user, then you must have downloaded and played Hay Day too, but for PC users get ready to explore the special place with rain, verity of crops and foods with smiling neighbors and gazing animals.

Download Hay Day PC free

With millions of downloads and increasing popularity on Google Play store, Hay Day is completely free to download and play. If you want to explore the glimpse of nature with stunning adventure on your PC too, then Hay Day game is right here for you. Before going into direct steps to download Hay day on PC, let us give you the brief features of the game for those who wants to know about it.

Hay Day for PC game key Features:

Hay Day initially developed for iOS by one of the well known game developer and publisher “Supercell” was later available for all platforms like android and windows. The game will teach you to harvesting wheats, feeding your animals, selling goods, truck delivery, agricultural stuff and much more simultaneously collecting coins. Level based system is enough to keep your addiction glowing. You will have the responsibility to care and grow your, plant and grow your seeds farm and care for your animals that will evaluate you and according to this you will get scores. You can easily share your scores with your friends.

  • Hay day is completely free to play, although you have the ability to purchase in-game stuff to enhance your gameplay using real money. You can easily disable this option.
  • You can earn points by trading crops with your neighbors and friends. To increase the revenue from goods selling, you can also advertise your goods in newspaper.
  • Graphics and sensation sound quality with beautiful animation is brilliant which gives you the real virtual farmer life experience. If you have Graphic card installed then you will surely going to enjoy the game a lot.
  • You have the ability to prepare food from the ingredients along with the right strategy to quickly improve you score.
  • Hay Day has the Facebook integration feature by using which you can start playing the game with your friends and you don’t need any others game to search for while using Facebook.
  • You can complete all the orders by using trucks, farm stand and steamboat.
  • Smooth and user friendly interface with simple controls makes playing the game very easy.

The best feature of the game is its detailed Gameplay which makes things sounds real and charming. For example, details like sheep overflow with wool and increasing in their fat need to be properly cared to get to the next level. When playing with the friends makes game even more fun as you can easily invite them to your farm.

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How to download Hay Day for PC:

Once you start playing the game you will be amazed to see its willingness. You must play Hay Day on your PC as well, because with better and larger display this game gives even amazing Gameplay experience. Without getting much deeper into its features here is the step by step guide to download and install Hay Day on your PC.These steps will easily install the game on your windows 7/8/XP/Mac.

Step 1: We are going to make the use BlueSatck software.Download this software from here. Now install it by clicking on exe file. This will take just a minute to successfully installation of the game.

Step 2: Now start the software by clicking the icon on desktop. Now search for “Hay Day” in the search box provided.

Step 3: Now clicking on the game will easily install the game on your PC which you can play by going to “My Apps” tab in Bluestack.

That’s it, now you have successfully installed one of the best farming games on your PC.Start playing the game instantly and don’t forget to share your best score with your friends on Facebook. You are free to share this tutorial on different social sites just by clicking share buttons below. In case you are getting any errors while installing or downloading the game does let us know in the comments below.


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