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Download Fruit Ninja for Pc- Windows 7/8/MAC

Posted by Prateek Bansal
Download Fruit Ninja for Pc

Cutting and slicing fruits in air sounds incredibly simple and boring when we appraise the quality of games that we play in twenty first century. But Fruit Ninja completely condemn this phrase as it is one of the android app with million downloads and excess number of addicted players that don’t care about anything else when playing Fruit Ninja .Being very popular in Play Store you must have played it on your android device or somewhere else but have you tasted your Ninja skills on PC as well? If not, this post will show and guide you to download Fruit Ninja for Pc.

Fruit Ninja is the only game that crossed remarkable 300 million download in less than two years. This game is widely popular across all the platforms including IOS, Android, Xbox 360, Windows phone, MAC and PC computers (Windows 7/8). After the tremendous success of the game, developer of Fruit Ninja came with the PC version which made it possible for users who didn’t have the access to Smartphone. This gives users to directly play the game on their PC without any hassle of other things.

About Fruit Ninja (For Pc ):

Fruit Ninja developed by Halfbrick Studios, initially released for IOS devices is one of the addictive and most downloaded games ever. Widely popular with availability on all the devices ranging from basic platform like symbain, Bada, Android, IOS to high graphics end devices like Xbox 360, Playstations and PC computers Windows 7/8/, it gives similar experience to all.

  • In Fruit Ninja player need to slice fruits with the help of fingers by swiping across the touchscreen to slice the fruit in half. Although this seems to be simple but this game will definetly stick you around with its stunning add-ons like time limit, limited lifes and occasionally invasion of bombs.

Download Fruit Ninja for Pc

This game provides you with three addictive gameplay modes which will keep you hungry for even higher score. Similarly in PC version you will get all the features with better graphics and sound quality (Better on windows 7 & 8 with graphics and directx installed).Creating highest score may be the final goal but you will never forgot the ease, simplicity and experience.

Fruit Ninja for Pc Key Features:

  • Game is available in three different modes namely Classic, Arcade and Zen with Arcade mode being the best for your sward skills.
  • Fruit Ninja Support different colorful fruits with unique sound and graphics. 
  • Game give you number of unlockable weapons, backgrounds and inbuilt ability to buy optional content.
  • You can access to starfruits and game-changing power-ups which helps you to break your own scores.
  • By playing the game with honed skill, you may even get the opportunity to get rewards and brand new challenge system.

How to Download Fruit Ninja for Pc?

Without getting into the more depth about Fruit Ninja I will be directly going to show you the steps to download Fruit Ninja for PC.I will give you the choice to download from two methods. You may choose which best suits for you or works for you.

Method 1: Directly Download Fruit Ninja (Using Windows Store):

  • Firstly go to the Microsoft app store. You can go to app store by clicking here.
Download Fruit Ninja for Pc
  • Now you will see “View in windows store” as shown in screenshot. This will take you to the particular download page.
  • Now clicking the install button will complete the download and you can enjoy playing it directly through your PC mouse.
Note: I would recommend you to install DirectX and graphics drivers to get the better graphics and smooth experience.

Method 2: Download Fruit Ninja for Pc using BlueStack:

With the help of BluStack emulator you can easily install the game on your PC.This emulator is helpful for those having problem while downloading or installing the game and the users with windows XP may use this emulator to install the game on their PC.

  • Initially you need to download and install android emulator form BlueStack site which is one of the popular and best choices available. You can easily download bluestack.
  • As soon as you finish the required installation and download process go to the folder which contains the setup. Clicking it will install the software.
  • Now click on the Bluestack icon to launch the app.
  • At the Home screen just look for the search icon and search for “Fruit Ninja” and hit enter.
  • Click on the install button which will automatically download and install the app to your PC.
  • Once you are done with that you can launch the app directly from the home screen.


In case you are unable to install the game from Bluestack Home screen (In method 2), you can use the alternative way by just downloading the “Fruit Ninja APK” separately on your PC and just install it into your folder.

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Wrapping Up:

So this was best guide to download Fruit Ninja for PC windows with detailed steps. Fruit Ninja is the best available and only game to test your slicing skills on PC.Follow the steps given above and enjoy and test you skills of the game now.

For those getting errors while playing, installing or downloading the game, are always welcome here to share the problems in the comments. Our community is always here to help you out with the best solutions. Feel free to share this post to your friends on your social accounts. You may also stay updated with us on official page of AppsMinds Google plus.


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